Best SEO Services in Perth Australia

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Best SEO Services in Perth Australia

If you’re trying to get more leads from the web, you should focus on cost-effectively maximizing your first-page real estate on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for keywords relevant to your business. You do this by investing in SEO and PPC advertising. The reason is that PPC ads do not significantly cannibalize traffic from the organic listings. (If you have Google Analytics on your website, you can quantify and prove this.) People who click PPC ads do not frequently click organic listings and vice versa; in fact, many people prefer to click only organic listings because they perceive the PPC ads as less trustworthy.

SEO campaigns take more time to generate leads. SEO work done today may not impact the order of the organic search results for 2 weeks to 2 months (sometimes longer in very competitive markets). At the same time, SEO almost always has a long-term, residual value. Sites that rank well organically often maintain their high rankings for years after the completion of an SEO campaign. If PPC advertising is like renting, SEO is like owning.

We offer the following SEO services to companies located in Perth:

  • Website SEO audit
  • Ongoing SEO campaigns
  • SEO competitor analysis
  • SEO copywriting, blogging, and article marketing
  • Social media SEO services
  • SEO training for your in-house staff and more

SEO Services in Perth

Why do you choose us?

Here are the reasons why you should choose TDHSEO.COM

Exact Deliverables And Clear Strategies

A quality search engine optimization firm will explain and detail the exact strategy they have for how they are planning to get your site onto Google’s first page in a way that you can understand easily. A Perth SEO agency that is confident in the SEO processes and strategies that they provide also will have an explanation of how measurables are tracked, a list of all deliverables and clear action plan.

Quality Content

Quality content is probably the most important factor in the entire SEO process. Google states in its SEO Best Practices guide that creating useful and compelling content will most likely influence a site more than all other factors. That is coming from Google’s most important SEO document. A quality SEO company will conduct research in order to determine the precise type, frequency, amount and nature of content that is necessary in order to be successful and will inform you that a SEO strategy that doesn’t include high quality content published regularly is doomed to fail.

Transparent Backlink Building

Some kind of backlink building service is included by most SEO companies in Perth as part of their local SEO services. Having high quality backlinks is crucial to ranking on Google’s first page. Great SEO companies are transparent about the nature and type of links they build. When a company merely lists backlink building as one of the services that they provide but fail to disclose that kind of backlinks that they build, then you should proceed with caution. Building highly relevant and legitimate backlinks takes a lot of research and time. That is why SEO services including white hat backlinks can have high price tags. There are some SEO agencies specializing in building backlinks that charge up to $3,000 to $5,000 a month, depending on how many links they build. However, also realize that no reputable SEO company will guarantee the exact amount of backlinks they can obtain for you, just the work that they put into these efforts.


Assume you work as an insurance broker and you sell auto insurance policies. You earn a $100 commission for every policy you sell. Further assume that you spend $3,000 per month for SEO services. How many clients do you need to have in order to break even? You will need 30. So how many leads do you need to get in order to get 30 clients? If we make the assumption that 5% of your website visitors will be converted into clients, then you will need approximately 600 visitors a month in order to break even. A reputable Perth SEO agency genuinely cares about its clients. We don’t rush just to try and close a deal unless they really understand what their prospective clients revenue objectives and marketing goals are. The easiest way to recognize if the SEO firm you are working with is a really good one is to see if they really take the time to truly understand what your business model is and determine whether or not SEO is the proper fit and can give you an ROI that will justify its cost.

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