Tips to get inspired from content writing

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Tips to get inspired from content writing

Finding writing inspiration isn’t as hard as you thought it might be. Even your everyday activities can inspire you in a way. Check out our tips on how to get that creative juices flowing:

Plan Out the Topics You Want to Write About

Before creating your briefs, you might want to plan out the topics of your content first. Creating a concept map can help you with your writing process. The map should include the three main ideas that a writer should consider: task analysis, thinking, and planning, then writing.

It can be in the form of mind maps or spider diagrams if your ideas have no particular order. Start with your main topic in the middle then branch out. Vertical charts and flow charts are useful if your written piece has to follow a step-by-step process.

Once you have all the points all laid down, you’ll be able to find new connections and enable you to work out a logical structure. At the same time, you’ll get inspired to find the right words to express your points.

Write a Lot and Often

Don’t stop writing even if you run out of ideas. Try your best to write every day. You can improve your thinking process as you develop your writing. Writing inspiration is likely to occur when you’re aware of the thoughts running through your mind.

To help this process, there’s a technique called free writing. It’s a writing exercise where you write nonstop for a period of time. You write freely about whatever thoughts that come to your mind.

The results will not be perfect as there’ll be grammatical errors, broken flows, and no format. However, that doesn’t matter once you read back and explore your writing. You’ll discover hidden ideas and new concepts between the unorganized sentences.

Write Briefs

Briefs are informative documents or the blueprints of your writing pieces. A good brief arranges your thinking and gives you a distinct path from the introduction to the conclusion of whatever you’re writing.

By creating an outline for your writing, you’ll be able to see the purpose of the content. You’ll find the inspiration to expand your points, clarifying them further, and making strong connections or transitions.

To make a good brief that can help you with your writing, it should have:

  • Goals ‒ the reason why you’re writing the piece.
  • Target audience ‒ who are you writing to.
  • Key points ‒ the most important information that grabs that readers’ attention.
  • Supportive points ‒ the essential details that explain why readers should believe your points.
  • Tone ‒ the attitude you’re conveying in your writing. For example formal, humorous, or optimistic.

Read a lot of Different Books

Reading books for writing inspiration Amazon book selection

Stephen King once wrote, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” It can’t be stressed enough that reading is essential when it comes to writing.

When you need inspiration, spare some time to read. You can find ideas, learn about different writing styles, structure, and formatting. Try to take notes whenever you’re reading new material.

Research also confirms that reading has a positive influence on your brain. It helps you to de-stress and broadens your imagination and information, making it a great source for writing inspiration.

Carry Around a Notebook

Writing inspiration is around you waiting to be found ‒ it can be as simple as the people passing by or nature. Don’t just ignore it. Even a tiny bit of inspiration needs to be documented.

Just like what Allen Ginsberg, said, “if the muse comes to your bedside don’t say you’ll attend to her later.”

As you have noticed, ideas don’t come according to your schedule. They frequently emerge when you’re in the middle of your daily activities. Due to that fickle nature, a notebook definitely comes in handy.

A notebook can be a platform for your imagination. You can come back to the points you’ve written and get creative with them.

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