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The best advices for guest post link building strategies

Earning high quality backlinks can often be difficult, particularly if you’re trying to build them all on your own. Luckily there are some ways that community involvement can help you out, so you don’t necessarily have to purchase any backlink building services. The following are some strategies that won’t cost you anything more than a bit of time and effort to implement.

Guest posting is still one very sure way of scoring quality backlinks when conducting link building campaigns, it only requires hard work and ‘out-of-the-box’ strategies.

Guest blogging for high authority websites using quality content is one of the best ways to build valuable links. However, your primary goal from guest blogging should be to build authority and grow your readership.

If you focus simply on building backlinks, you might end up with a bunch of links from low-quality websites. This can do more harm than good. So how do you build links effectively with guest blogging? Let’s find out.

guest post link building

There are 4 ways to find out which sites are accepting guest posts:

1. Search in Google

First, to find blogs that allow guest posting, you can search on Google. For example, you could search “digital marketing guest posting sites” to see a list of high-domain platforms.

The most common ones would be Mashable, HubSpot, GetResponse, and more.

Another way is to search for certain keywords related to guest posting such as:

– Write for us
– Contribute
– Guest Post
– Guest Contribution
– Guest Post Guidelines
– Editorial Guidelines
– Contribution Guidelines
– Submit a post
– Submit an article

Once you have done this, there will be ample of suggestions for you to choose from.

2. Search Within Relevant Sites

An alternative to the previous process is searching for the similar keywords in the search bar provided by websites that have the same niche as yours.

For example, if you are a digital marketing company, you could make a list of sites that provide digital marketing services, website development services, or other businesses that write articles on SEO and social media.

Search on their site for guest blogging opportunities by typing “write for us” in the search bar. It should take you to the right landing page.

However, if the webpage does not show a search bar, you can also type the domain name along with the keywords mentioned above in Google. For a site named Thrillax, searching for “ write for us” would give expected results.

3. Follow Other Guest Bloggers

When you see posts on some blogs, check if there are other guest bloggers. You can list some authors that you notice frequently posting on various sites. Searching for them on Google will show you some of the other sites that they have been posting on. Then, just write content to populate those sites.

To get good results, it is essential to submit well-written content that provides valuable information to readers.

But sometimes you might not get the results you were expecting, even with the best content. Therefore, you need to take into consideration every minor detail while carrying out guest posts.

By using different approaches when guest writing, you can build a relationship with other bloggers. This will help you get more referrals to your blog. Also, bloggers might ask you for more content or may provide some suggestions to improve your writing. Free expert advice is never a waste.

Of course, the main benefit of posting on popular sites is that you’ll expose your writing to a wider audience. It’s an easy way to gain new readers. And, eventually, they might start visiting your website regularly for more quality content, converting into loyal readers.

More credibility can be gained by guest blogging on high authority websites. If these sites have mentioned you, it indicates to Google that they trust you. This will end up increasing trust among visitors on others’ sites, too.

Check for the domain authority of the page. The minimum must be 25. Sites with an authority lower than that will not be very credible in Google’s eyes.

Try to approach websites having the same target audience as that of yours. This will build relevancy and enhance the quality of your referral traffic as more people click on the links to your site.

Having an understandable domain name is a sign of a good website. Moreover, such webpages will allow you to interact with polished and sophisticated readers, giving you exposure to an already established community that will actually benefit you.

Supplying content to authentic blogs will position you as a credible source of information. Your audience will then trust you more because you’re being acknowledged by reputable brands. As a result, you’re generating increased trust on your own blog (and brand).

Be careful — Some domains will have a group of websites under a similar IP. These are the sites that you might want to avoid. The host will typically provide you with a list of other websites that they control, which might seem helpful. However, they’re more likely to only publish your content in exchange for money.e

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Tips to build blog comment backlinks to boost rankings

There are plenty of reasons to keep commenting on blogs—as long as you’re doing it in the right way and with the right goals.

So, what’s blog commenting SEO good for today?

From finding high-quality sites and engaging with commenters like a pro, here’s my best blog commenting tips:

– Find high-quality websites to comment. When I say high-quality, I’m looking for websites with a domain authority of 60+.
– After you pull your list of top websites, search for an article most relevant to your target audience.
– Now, you can begin to add value with your comments. I follow the “sandwich affect” when I comment on an article.
Acknowledge the author by name and add a compliment.
– Sprinkle in valuable information you took from the article, while adding additional data that may spruce up the article.’
– If you add a link, it needs to be relevant and add value to the post or discussion.
– Again, acknowledge the author by name and end with a compliment.
– Remember to keep your blog comment short and sweet. I aim to keep mine under 100 words.

Finally, and most importantly, when it comes to blog commenting, you should follow one crucial rule, no matter what:

Make your comment valuable to the post and the discussion.

A comment that has nothing to do with the post itself, no matter how long and intelligent it sounds, won’t help you one bit.

You have to actually read the post and make your comment a response to the post, or a response to another commenter’s comment.

Be a valuable commenter, not a comment spammer!

blog comment backlinks

Steps to Successful Blog Commenting SEO

Get personal

If you want people to go from your comment to your website, it’s important that they know who you are!
If you just leave your first name, people probably won’t connect you to your brand.

So, make sure to put your full name and the name of your brand. If you want people to recognize your company name right off the bat, you might put something like “Amy Copadis from MyCompany.”

And what about a photo?

First, make sure that you use an email that’s attached to a Gravatar account.

Second, make sure your Gravatar account has a recent picture of you to display!

If you want people to see your company or brand, you may want to place your brand logo as a Gravatar image. Generally, however, it’s better to have a picture of a real person—that helps you look more authentic and less spammy.

Don’t comment to get backlinks only

I see many bloggers making this very mistakes of thinking blog commenting is all about building links for SEO purpose. You’re dead wrong if you’re still thinking this way.

First, take away such mindset and frame your mind in the right direction of what blog commenting is all about. The quicker you understand and agree to this simple but complex rule, the better you’ll make the most out of your commenting efforts.

Blog commenting is an easy way to fall into Google’s link building scheme penalty if you’re mainly doing it for SEO purposes. If your primary aim is to run a marathon of leaving xxx numbers of comments a day on blog posts, then you will probably fall under the hammer.

When a huge number of links pointing towards your site are from blog commenting other than editorial votes then you’re automatically inviting one of the animals (Panda, Hummingbird, and Penguin) in the Google zoo to come dine with you.

Do your blog commenting naturally and don’t make it a mandatory task to leave certain amount of comment every xxx days, weeks or month.

Say something worthwhile and relevant

If you’re commenting on popular, authority websites (which is highly recommended), you’ll be one in a sea of comments that follow.

So, how are you going to stand out?

First, you need to make sure you’re on topic.

So start by reading the blog post thoroughly. Know what’s inside, and the direction that the author took with the information he presented.

Second, you need something valuable to say.

We said above that writing blog comments is not a quick backlink scheme anymore. So don’t view it like that. Invest some time in responding well to the blog content, and add valuable information that wasn’t in the original post.

This will make both the author and the readers see your blog comment as a valuable contribution, thus seeing you (or your brand) as valuable as well.

Wait for the right moment to add your links

Hopefully, you’ve already linked your name out to the exact place where you want people to land on your website.
However, in certain places, it might be appropriate to leave a link to a relevant article or post on your website.

For example, let’s say you’re commenting on a post about email marketing strategies. In your comment, you might expand on an idea that was mentioned in the article, then refer back to a post on your own website for more detailed information, or maybe a case study that you did.

Including these kinds of relevant, valuable links will increase the likelihood that someone will make it to your website.

Use Your Real Name

If you ever run a blog, you will know how frustrating this one could be when you see things like, “John SEO Traffic”, “Five star hotel In Canada”, etc as the name of comment authors.

No matter how relevant or remarkable your comments may appear to the blog owner, it will surely ended up mark as spam or possibly in the trash folder.

No Anchor text in comment

Except that you’re very sure of your relationship with the blog owner and the anchor text in question is for educational purpose only; no other reason for including a link to other sites in your comment.

You will be perceive as spammer and this could lead to Akismet and other spam fighters tools to always mark your comments as spam.

Wrapping it up

These blog commenting best practices will help you mostly get the best out of your effective regular blog commenting efforts if you take them seriously, and some of the points listed on this list needs to be work on long enough to see the required results you want – targeted website traffic that engage with your content, relationship building, networking etc.

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Are forum backlinks really worthy for SEO?

If you are looking for an answer of how forum backlinks impact on SEO and are they efficient in SEO? Here might be the things you should read

Joining dozens of forums for the purpose of posting links back to your site is also bad. Only join high-quality forums where authentic discussions are the primary purpose, not spamming a thread with posts about your content and brand.

Forum signature linking is a technique used to build backlinks to a website by posting in forums that allow keyword-rich outbound links in a member’s signature.

Forum Backlink Types

We discovered 3 kinds of forum backlinks possible building on forums:
– Link in profile
– Link in signature
– In-text link

Link in profile

Profiles usually offer “About me” section and social profiles links. One of them can serve you as a backlink to your website. Do not expect much traffic from profile link. Consider it as solely a backlink transferring definite part of link juice and that’s it. People seldom visit other’s persona profiles.

Link in signature

Link in signature can bring more value to your website as it is visible in discussion thread. Adding some catchy accompanying text, you increase chances of being clicked. However link juice received from such a backlink is tiny and won’t influence your site’s ranking much.

In-text link

Links in messages are undoubtedly of the best quality and may bring visitors to your website. This is important to write a message that will not be deleted by moderator. Link placed on not quality forum can damage your site’s reputation and you may easily get banned. Taking into account that it is extremely complicated to remove google penalty, it is better not to experiment with risky forums.

The role of forum backlinks in SEO

Important Tips and Recommendations
– Don’t place links instantly once you registered on forum as you most probably will get banned. It is always better to wait for several days.
– Remember that you need only best forums for backlinks. Don’t use forums which are full of links promoting gambling or sexual content. Spammy neighborhood can ruin your reputation
– Don’t use forums which are overloaded with posts and comments as you won’t get enough link juice to your website

By posting on relevant forums, you can drive targeted traffic to your website as well as help in expediting conversion. The benefit of this backlinks strategy are listed below:

– It is an SEO good technique that builds backlinks to your website
– It helps to increase targeted traffic to your blog or website
– Forum posting supports deep linking which contributes to bringing the SERP ranking higher
– It is also a good source for referral ranking

After you have signed up with a forum, you can begin a new thread asking questions or take part in relevant discussions with other forum members. By including backlinks in your posts, you can gain an SEO benefit. However, you should be aware that forums often frown upon this manner of self-promotion.

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How to find out quality backlinks?

In this post, I will share with you how to get quality backlinks for your site, starting with what counts as a “quality” backlinks. Once we’ve established these grounds, you can proceed with the different effective tactics to help your website acquire backlinks that will move the needle.

Million dollar question on content driven backlinks – Why will external websites link back to my page?
This is the most important question and is hardly answered. There are so many reasoning to it. Every blogger or writer who writes about a topic is not an expert on all related sub-topics to their post and without those subtopics covered, their post may not be comprehensive enough that other will recommend it for reference. Look at wikipedia! all their articles have external references in the content at the end for further reference and reading. Referring to an authority page for extended reading on a topic is a clear signal to search engines about the context of its content.

Giving backlinks to other pages are a great way to give completeness to your topic. This holds true for you and for others as well.

Getting organic backlinks (natural backlinks) is hard when your pages have shallow content or they are low quality content. Always use smart backlinks strategies for both internal and external links but maintain the quality.

Join Blogger Community

Writers and bloggers do promote each other in the same or different niche. You can contact bloggers and draw curiosity in your niche to visit your website / blog, review posts and write about it on their own blog with do-follow links. You can also use copywriter’s services, bloggers and editors with good fan followings to write about subjects covered in your blog with a backlink. This promotional exchange program works well if you have a good relationship with other bloggers otherwise this is a difficult exercise with low return on investment (ROI).

Run a contest

Everybody loves a contest. It’s easy to create one on your social media platform, and if the contest is exciting, it will soon go viral. Building links from a contest cannot be your only goal. It comes with added benefits like creating brand awareness, launching a new product, increasing sales by giving away discount codes and so on. Before you set up a contest, define your goals, your target audience, what type of contest will attract them the most and the time and resources you need to invest in it.

Apart from the natural links that come back to you, you should also leverage the contest you have set up to gain links from bloggers and influencers in the market and by getting “contest partners.” This is win-win for all concerned. Everybody gets publicity.

Link reclamation

You can use Buzzsumo or to find articles that refer to you and your posts. See if these sites link back to your site. If they haven’t, send the site owner a message and ask them to kindly link back. Most of these owners wouldn’t mind updating their posts to include a link.

This strategy may not be for everyone but it’s worth noting since it also answers the question “how to get quality backlinks to your site?”

Ways to find out quality backlinks


Creating infographics is a powerful way to generate quality backlinks to your site.

Infographics are highly shareable. Which is why they generate a ton of backlinks for the original poster. People not only share them on websites, they post them on social media as well. Not only are they great for backlinks, they can increase your site traffic too.

In today’s visual world infographics are one of the most popular methods to help you bring traffic to your website and gain valuable backlinks. One of the big reasons why infographics are so popular it because of the fact that it helps people to understand a subject in an easy way. Next to that, it makes sharing of the content more likely since everyone loves visual data, right?

Choose the content you want to share via an infographic carefully. The infographics you’re creating should include a unique and interesting story for your audience. Look at current trending topics, or maybe you can convert one of your top-performing posts into a more easily digestible format.

Just because you don’t have the graphic skills yourself, doesn’t mean it should stop you from creating infographics. By looking on platforms like Dribble, or Fiverr you can easily find good quality designers who can create your infographics. Don’t try to go cheap, though; you want some good quality to help increase the viral possibility and earn even more backlinks.

Once the infographic is ready, you need to make it easy for everyone to share the infographic. The great folks behind Siege Media created an Embed Code Generator to do the heavy work for you on this one. (remember tip 5, with the helpful tool)

Guest blogging

Here’s another way how to get quality backlinks to your site. Guest blogging is still a popular way of getting backlinks. Site owners are always looking for new content. Help them out by submitting a request to write one for them. You can include links in the copy itself or on the author bio just below the post.

One thing to remember with guest posting is that you need to send quality stuff to other blogs.

Just because you’re publishing content on another site, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put all your effort into developing the best guest post you can write.

In fact, crap content is what got guest posting as an SEO tactic in trouble in the first place!

However, Google’s final warning seems to have encouraged content creators to up their game and write killer guest posts to rise above the pack, which is something that you should also do when taking up this tactic.

Build Online Services for Free

This is one of the favorite ways to build and earn backlinks. Online services are one of the best ways to attract backlinks. Unlike articles, online services or linkable assets cannot be copied or stolen. These services can only be consumed. Therefore, anyone who is willing to add such web based services to their portfolio, they will have to either visit your site or add a backlink. Online services have the potential to bring huge number of customers to your website and also earn you thousands of backlinks.

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Dofollow vs Nofollow backlinks – Which is better for SEO

The main difference between a Dofollow and a Nofollow link is that the former passes PageRank signals (many refer to this as link juice or SEO), and the latter does not. In other words, the difference lies in how the Google algorithm treats every link. The links, however, function in a similar way but Google looks at them differently depending on how you use the tag.

For Dofollow backlinks

A website’s PageRank is normally its value in Google’s eyes. PageRank signals are just points that tell Google along with other search engines the page that is being linked to is simply valuable or possess valuable information on it. Pages with a higher PageRank generally appear higher up on search engine results pages.

When a highly ranked site links to a lower-ranked one with a Dofollow link they are passing along their ‘link juice’ and it boosts the lower-ranked website’s value to the search engine. The lower-ranked one gets more PageRank points from the superior quality Dofollow link.

These points are the vital differences regarding why a Dofollow link is better than the other kind when you are building links back to your website. While Dofollow links may be crucial for SEO purposes, nofollow links are essential for websites too.

For Nofollow backlinks

Do NoFollow Links Really Offer NO SEO Value?

Well, not exactly. It’s a bit complicated but let’s dig into things. Google wants you to think there’s no value but many leading minds in the SEO field have shared their own thoughts and insights based on their own experiments and experiences.

Matt Cutts (the lead guy at Google who controls the knobs and dials on their search algorithm) has stated that their engine takes “nofollow” literally and does not “follow” the link at all. But studies reveal that Google does follow the link, but it does not index the linked-to page, unless it was in Google’s index already for other reasons (such as other, DoFollow links that point to the page). This is an important piece of the equation that should be noted.

Another thing we know in this modern era of SEO, post-Penguin update, is that link diversity is key. This means diversity in the websites that are linking to you, diversity in the link text used for these links and diversity in the types of links in your overall inbound link portfolio. Think about it, wouldn’t it look a little suspicious if ALL your site’s inbound links were DoFollow links? This isn’t natural since the large majority of links from social media sites for example are NoFollow links and a percentage of website’s who pass on links are default NoFollow links. The point is a healthy mix of NoFollow links among your treasured DoFollow links is a good thing and they shouldn’t be removed unless you’re confident they’re low quality links that could harm your site.

It’s also true that NoFollow links are likely to help you attract DoFollow links which based on the fine print in Cutts’ definition of NoFollow links, could increase the value of the NoFollow links that are pointing to the same web page.

Obviously, this is a good thing if we get a link from a great site that’s authoritative and relevant to our site’s page that’s getting the link traffic. But suppose this page has several, or a dozen links that are automatically dofollow – does that page lose all of the ranking love it gets from Google? Most likely not, but yes, it’ll be diminished over time. Any webmaster or SEO pro who is maintaining a site really doesn’t want to lose Google love, do they? Can you blame them if they want to keep as much link juice as possible? If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you feel the same way? Sure you would – you know it.

Dofollow vs Nofollow backlinks

The Do-Follow Links Argument

The proponents of the “do-follow only” camp have a pretty logical argument backing them up. In terms of SEO value (“link juice”, to use the nomenclature) Google should theoretically only count do-follow links. Any link that is no-follow has a direct and clear instruction telling search engines to ignore it. Think of the rel=nofollow tag as one of those detour signs you occasionally see. The street is still there, it’s just you’re being told to pass by it.

Although the NoFollow link by definition is flagged to not be followed by search algorithms, as a contributing factor for PageRank, it’s important to look at the indirect SEO benefits and additional value these links offer. Stop obsessing over only attracting DoFollow links and instead focus your efforts on creating quality content that will naturally attract a mix of NoFollow and well deserved DoFollow links.

Do Nofollow links carry any benefit?

As stated by Google, Nofollow links don’t pass any PageRank or ranking benefits onto the target site. Using Nofollow drops the target from Google’s graph of the Internet. Thus your SEO will be inefficient if your backlink profile consists only of the Nofollow kind. Handily, there are tools available to check if your backlink is Nofollow. Otherwise, you can figure it out manually, by right clicking on your browser, clicking on “view page source”, and searching for the a rel=”nofollow” attribute.

But are Nofollow links entirely useless? Used in the right way, they pose numerous benefits. When multiple sites in your industry link back to yours with your target keyword/s as their anchor text, your ranking may skyrocket, as documented by Adam White. Thus, if the links are from related sites, especially those of high domain authority, Google will very likely give you credit for the anchor text used.

It is important to bear in mind that as a site owner, you should care more about human interaction rather than whether the search engine spider crawls your backlink. That means, it’s more important that people actually click a link pointing to your website, regardless of whether it’s Dofollow or Nofollow. A click is a guaranteed visit whereas a higher SERP guarantee you higher visibility. To a site visitor, a Nofollow link looks the same as any other. If it is appealing, they will click on it. Thus whilst Nofollow links don’t deliver link juice, they certainly deliver referral traffic, especially when featured strategically. And traffic opens possibilities: conversions from leads, sales, calls or even simply valuable demographic data and analytics.

Furthermore, think one step ahead and realise that Nofollow links can eventuate into Dofollow links. The onus is on spreading awareness of your site through driving human click-rate, and a powerful avenue is through authoritative recommendation. For example, let’s imagine a situation where you publish a press release about your new website. The press release link may be Nofollowed. However, if a popular media personality sees your post and likes it enough, they will link it on their blog. This Dofollow link will not only boost your visibility on indexes, but your visibility to humans too.

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How many backlinks per day are enough for keyword ranking?

Many newbie bloggers and internet marketers have this big doubt in mind how many backlinks per day is safe and good and they usually get confused and trapped between these question and are unable to find the best answer which will clear things up for them. So I decided to do this post which will discuss about this topic and I hope that this will help many newbie bloggers and website owners to understand which backlinking strategy works.

First, you need to read something for safe link building,  then you’ll take a look around for how many backlinks per day are safe?

Here are some of the great tips to look out to create a chain of backlinks without getting any trouble

– get backlinks from reputable websites

– get backlinks from the same industry (revelent)

– get backlinks from various websites

It depends upon the ability of the person doing seo. Building more than 10 backlinks per day is very good and useful for the website traffic.If a person who is just started learning SEO,couldn’t build this count in one day as submitting 20 or 30 submissions only will give maximum of 10 valid do follow backlinks.

How many backlinks per day?

Basically this means that the most important thing you can do to get higher rankings is build more good links to that specific page.

There are a few things to consider though:

1. Domain Authority / Domain Rating Is A Factor:

The amount and quality of links coming to your entire domain can also help you rank.

You should also take note of the authority of the domains that are ranking for your chosen keywords.

2. Not All Links Are Created Equal:

1 good link may be worth more than 10,000 crappy links.

In fact, Google has said with the latest version of Penguin they tried to get more granular in their calculations and are discounting or ignoring links that shouldn’t have value.

Just because a website has the most linking root domains doesn’t mean it’s going to win. Link quality, strength, context all matter.

3. There Are More Factors Than Just Links:

There are lots more factors than just links as well including:

– Search Intent
– On Page Optimization
– Content Relevance
– Content Depth
– CTR (Click Through Rate)
– Page Speed
– etc etc
And the closer you get to the top of page 1, the more these factors are going to matter.

You don’t have to worry and break your head after how many backlinks per day is safe or good and how many backlinks is too many as far as you are building quality backlinks the numbers really doesn’t matter. Just imagine if the number of backlinks is a critical factor or there is a specific number which Google recommends per day is safe or too many which imposes some sort of google penalty then there are many authority websites and blogs which tends to get 1000’s of backlinks per day and Google does not implies any penalty on them because Google knows that these are big and highly authority websites or blog which generally get hugh number of backlinks per day for example, facebook, forbes etc..

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How to use PBN backlinks to boost website ranking

Using PBNs, you can get fantastic links, fast. If you stick to the standard link building strategies like outreach, for instance, it might take you longer (frequently, more expensive) to receive backlinks. In addition, if you have 2 or more money websites, you can use your PBNs to promote them all (carefully, of course).

Why Private blog networks are so powerful? Because you’re using the authority of the already established, older websites. They have been around for a while. Backlinks from sites like these are great for your SEO.

A PBN allows you to source high-quality backlinks in bigger quantities, without the hassle and time-consuming process of conventional link building.

People who use a PBN will likely create large website networks whilst the domain is under their control. They will then link to with a nice velocity ‘naturally’ rise in the search engines rankings.

By using an aged domain, you will be able to successfully transfer a large amount of strength to your own domain or website from the past links that domain has accumulated. This ‘link strength’ is similar to a ranking power, allowing an older domain to pass on more ranking power than a new website. This is mainly because older domains carry more authority than newer ones. This is often referred to as ‘link juice’ in the SEO community, but it’s important to look at the quality of the links as well. Often an expired domain will be heavily spammed so and it might look very powerful in tools like Ahrefs but in fact, it’s quite toxic.

If you want your website to be ranking at the top of the Google search engine, you will require a lot of strong high-quality backlinks to it. With a PBN, you have complete control of the link as you own the main website it is linking to. This allows you to choose the ideal anchor text, content and placement of the link within your site.

Once you have a PBN website functioning and linked to your money making site, you will have a general understanding of the costs involved.

You know that it takes approximately $XX and Y hours to create one link. With this data you can then scale up to your desired amount of links, allowing you to have an almost exact costing framework to go by for the future. This is very dependent on how you build your PBNs, everyone has their own strategy but we share our strategy further on.

It is recommended that you start linking to your money site from your PBN when it feels natural to do so. This means, if you have a money site that has little or no links from any other sites, then it is not recommended to start sending your PBN links to your site as yet.

If your site has backlinks from other sources, such as outreach or guest posts, and the anchor texts from the links are varied, then it a good time to drip-feed PBN links to your money making site.

The main reason your money site needs backlinks before you start drip-feeding PBN links is that you want to avoid the anchor texts density from becoming unnaturally high.

The way to use PBN backlinks

It is crucial to use your PBN links effectively and strategically. The best links your site will get are from your PBN links. This is because you have complete control over link equity, anchor texts, and you can link from more powerful pages. You will need to blend your PBN links with any other links on your site to ensure you pass any manual reviews.

Without doing the above, your PBN could be at risk which could jeopardise your money site.

I recommend you do not start link building from your PBN to your money site immediately. Only once you have a domain that is indexed, ranked for its naked domain name and you have included links to an authority site, should you then create a page related to your money site and link it back to that. Be sure to check all the backlinks to the domain, selecting the page with the most high-quality backlinks. Thereafter you can add the link to your money making site to ensure you get maximum output. Adding links to between the pages internally will also quietly help your link, and encourage easy flow to and from your webpage. In most cases I’d recommend waiting 30-60 days to link to your money site after building your PBN site (this means getting content and getting the new version of the website indexed).

There are two things that make a PBN powerful and this goes for pretty much any type of link you ever build. That is relevance and/or authority. These are the two things you are looking for when picking a domain. Now would be a good time to point out that you need to be analyzing the 5 year index and not the 90 day index to get a real understanding of a domain. That’s why a majority of my domains have very few referring domains in the 90 day index as they did.

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PBN backlinks are on the danger of being hit by Google

PBNs are risky. But if you set them right – you’re protected. Setting them right means using different hosting accounts, different templates, never re-link your ‘secondary’ websites between each other and many other techniques that we will cover down below.

All in all, most Industry experts agree that you’re intact and out of danger if your backlinks from PBN are somewhere in the range of 5-20% of all your backlinks. This doesn’t mean you can’t use more – you can, but you need to be even more careful and wipe out all footprints.

It’s not illegal to use a private blog network. There are no laws governing the creation or the linking of websites. However, you don’t have to content with laws when you’re dealing with web marketing, at least not beyond FTC regulations and laws against specific products, and so on. No, you need to content with Google’s rules.

Google is a monopoly on search, and as such, their word is essentially law. If they say a specific technique is disallowed, and they choose to penalize any site that uses the technique, it’s effectively illegal. Oh, you can certainly use the technique, but when Google discovers it, your site will tank and/or be removed from the search rankings entirely.

Obviously, when the survival of your business hinges on your search ranking and the traffic it brings in, you don’t want to step on the wrong site of the line Google draws in the sane.

Depending on the quality and integrity of these PBN sites, and whether they are exploitative, it’s generally a very bad idea to gain links from PBNs. Generally speaking, PBNs have been targeted by Google Updates for spammy content and artificially influencing rankings in search engines. The simplest way to think about it is to ask yourself “what is the purpose of Google?” The answer is that they want to make useful information as readily available as possible. A private blog network works against this ‘code of conduct’, as it is not created for the benefit of the end users. It’s created to cater for the website it links to, and to influence the algorithm evaluation of a site. Therefore, it’s not an ideal way to gain links – if this link building tactic is abused, you might face a manual penalty from Google.

In the competitive world of SEO, people continually seek opportunities that will put them over other businesses. Ideally, they should develop a sustainable SEO strategy based on the best on-page SEO and white-hat link building practices. Doing so allows them to rank on Google organic search for their target keywords for a long time.

PBN backlinks

As good as these tactics sound, the results will only manifest if you practiced them consistently for months, if not years. Not to mention, you have to play catch up with your competitors who already hold the advantage over you by practicing the same tactics years before you. Therefore, it would probably take a miracle before you can outrank the best in your industry at the top of Google search.

This reason is why some people implement black hat SEO tactics. Since they don’t stand a chance against established businesses with deeper pockets dedicated for their SEO campaigns, they take a different approach in which they can rank as high as the first place on Google organic search in less time.

If this sounds like a pipe dream, it’s because it is. Black hat SEO can get you at the very top of search results for your keywords faster than any other tactic. However, it’s also just as fast when Google will penalize your site, never to be seen on search engines again.

This is the challenge that most SEO have to undergo. They need to strike a balance between finding the best sustainable way to increase your search rankings for your target keywords without getting penalized by Google.

When you use PBNs, you are basically in an uphill battle against Google. Your website, your traffic and your ranking are at their mercy as they can penalize you anytime. Your hundreds or thousands of visits or five-figure monthly income can go to zero overnight.

It’s a decision only you as a business owner can make. If you think the reward is high and far outweighs the risk, then it’s completely fine if you want to use PBNs.

The biggest risk of all: being stamped on by Google.

There are many stories of website owners waking up to see that their websites have been completely removed from Google, their first page rankings lost, and their highly-targeted visitors replaced by the tumbleweed and ghostly analytics.

Sloppiness and human error that create footprints and potentially lead to algorithmic or manual penalties from Google. If you look at the more public “Google Hammers” that have come down on PBN users in recent years, it’s because of silly mistakes like using the same public Whois information across multiple networks, doing highly public case studies on PBN-driven money sites, or hosting PBNs on low quality SEO hosts.

This is why it’s essential to have the right systems in place from the beginning, to ensure that you can scale a PBN without getting sloppy. No shortcuts.

I still believe that PBNs are a relatively low risk ranking strategy if done correctly, but that’s the problem- most people take shortcuts and don’t build them the right way.

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Great techniques for natutal profile link building strategy

Off-page SEO, such as link building, can be a tricky business and, for some, is a tactic to avoid altogether. Some would claim that is because Google has, very successfully, equated linkbuilding with web spam, and the industry news machine is started almost entirely – all the time – and fuelled by Google PR saying something or enforcing its quality guidelines.

Not all link building is web spam and in fact, building links in 2020 is still an incredibly important aspect of search engine optimisation.

It is just not the only thing to focus on.

High-quality links do not live in isolation from a high-quality product, service or website.

Hopefully, this article helps you make a sensible choice when considering profile building links to your site.

Full-fledged link building campaigns can drive massive results for businesses, but what about the little guys that can’t afford to pay for a link building service? Inbound links are one of the three most influential ranking factors, so we can’t just ignore link building.

Profile link building can be a very time-intensive process, but there are also dozens of small-scale link building opportunities that can drive great results for smaller brands.

Over the past few years, we’ve tested dozens of different link building strategies. In this article, we’re going to share our five favorite simple link building techniques that you can start implementing today to build links from quality sites.

natutal profile link building techniques

A natural profile link building is a freely given editorial link and an unnatural link is a link you make yourself. Both affect rankings in Google.

– Google is on record saying it does not want to count any link that is not editorial.
– Google wants to reward high-quality ‘user value add’ content that has earned organic or natural links. They want to reward a ‘good user experience’ and unnatural links don’t form any part of that concept.
– Google has never wanted to count manufactured links – but its algorithms don’t work as well as they would like or at least, they say they do. So, some marketers shortcut the ‘value add’ task of the job and just build unnatural links to a site. This affects how a link-based search engine – like Google – rates the ‘popularity’ – and so ranking ability – of a particular website.
– The more links Google hasn’t classed as spam – the higher you rank – and the more traffic you get. Sort of.
The type of links Google wants to count does not scale easily, and in fact, the type of links that scale easily is exactly the type of links Google wants to (at best) ignore or retroactively punish the violation. Perhaps that is the whole point.
– Critics will say this is because SEO is the biggest ‘threat’ to Adwords, Google’s sponsored advertising channel – but if Google didn’t take action on industrial scale manipulation – it would make the existence of their guidelines redundant.
– If a link is manipulative – it is spam – according to the Googleplex.
– You don’t need machine automation to be classed as a spammer. Somebody sitting at a desk making these low-quality links all day – manually – to fool only Google – that’s spam too – manual or not.
Posting lots of low-quality guest posts or low-quality press releases on sites with a history of spamming Google – that’s spam too. It all comes down to the end product – the type of link you generate as a result of your activity.
– If links are designed ‘JUST’ to manipulate Google – Google calls them unnatural links – and if you have too many of them – you get a ‘penalty’ – or at least swept up in the carnage of the next negative algorithm update designed specifically to de-rank sites with those kinds of links. Ranking adjustments, I think, could be based on how long you got away with fooling Google – and what Google thinks that deserves.
– The website link building industry was largely based on that kind of unnatural link building activity. Many still do practice those techniques now, clearly, ignoring the guidelines. I know the first links I ever ‘built’ would today be labelled ‘unnatural’ today – and so would my first optimisation techniques – but it’s a recognisable trend in Google what’s grey hat SEO today is black hat seo tomorrow.
– Take note that if it works to manipulate Google without you jumping through the value-add hoop in the middle of that strategy, which Google demands you jump through – it’s spam. In short, it is evident if it is a scalable approach to manipulating Google – it’s spam.
– The professional services industry, which is led heavily by the Google PR machine, has little chance of deviating from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, for fear of, some say, Google’s heavy-handed approach

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Tips for link building to speed up keyword ranking

It’s like high school all over again – with popularity the name of the game.  In the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) you need others to confirm that your website (and therefore your business) is a great destination.

On the web, this means links.  Links from another site to yours. Also known as backlinks.

So – how do you get backlinks from these types of site to improve your ranking?

Linked to sites that gets involved

This can take true commitment and the links back to you will take time, but getting involved in your local community is a great way to get to know the people in that community, network and support other organisations.

The outcome you want is a mention (and with it, a link) on their website, and in any material published elsewhere, of course. Make sure you ask them to give you a link from the relevant content on their website as not all of these groups will think to do it as a matter of course.

  • Host a local event – seminars, charitable or community events and get your co-sponsors or supporters to promote it (with a link to the information about the event on your site).
  • Sponsor local schools, sports team or not for profit such as an animal rescue organisation. Make sure there is a link back to your site from theirs and in any promo material.
  • Start a discount/product partnership with a local organisation.
  • Contact local media and offer your expertise as a source for their work.
  • Offer to speak at a local educational institute (such as a night class).

In all cases, the idea is for your business name and a link to your website to be on any/all material published on-line about the event. It doesn’t have to be flashy, just a simple text link will suffice (see the bit about anchor text below).

If you are already involved in your local community, it will be a case of asking people for these links to be included – easy!

Create useful resources

This means having something on your website that is useful to people such as:

1. A map, guide or list of local:

  • Tourist sites of interest.
  • Retail/shopping areas with free WiFi spots.
  • Events and activity based attractions.
  • Business meeting rooms and locations.
  • Key buildings or destinations.
  • Cultural attractions.

2. A guide through local by-laws or how to get something done using local businesses and organisations with contact details and web links in a step-by-step instruction

3. Video how-to’s and tutorials for standard tasks that everyone needs to be able to do from DIY home improvement to changing the printer ink cartridges.  You can refer to local suppliers within the video if you want to make it more relevant and useful to people within a specific area.

If possible, when creating this content, think of something related to your business because then you can include some of your expertise into the mix e.g.:

  • GST calculator (bookkeepers).
  • Tax return and payment due date tables (accountants).
  • Phone system cost calculators (telecommunication companies).
  • Building cost estimators (builders or quantity surveyors).
  • How to change a tap washer video (plumbers).
  • Styling tips (personal stylist).

The idea with these types of resources is that other people who find them useful will link to them, rather than create their own.

For example, we’re looking at one of our most popular blog posts How much will that website cost? to see if it can be turned into an on-line calculator so people can estimate the cost of a build based on their individual needs.

Leverage the relationships you already have

If you’ve spent time building a mutually positive relationship with a client or supplier then it is easier to ask them to help build both your businesses, than it is to ask a relative stranger.

Provide glowing (but honest) testimonials for any local business you interact with in return for a link on the testimonial when they publish it on their website. And who doesn’t want more testimonials on their site?

This can include whoever you have used:

  • For your office fit-out or furniture.
  • Set up your computer systems or provided a laptop.
  • Cleaning your offices.
  • Your signage, printing or other design work.
  • Catered lunch or an event or even delivers your coffee!
  • Organised your insurance.
  • Took care of your plumbing, electrical, painting or other property related services.
  • Did copy writing work for you.
  • Printed your logo on pens, t-shirts and corporate gifts.

Or, you could offer something to help their content efforts, such as guest posts for their blog (if they have one).

And be sure to ask to be listed on any preferred vendors or partner pages.

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