Why should you use DoubleClick Search

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Why should you use DoubleClick Search

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1 – Manage multiple search engine accounts from one interface

No more spending time switching interfaces, find all the data from your Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo accounts, and more, all in one place. DoubleClick Search offers a very simple way to optimise and report on accounts, as well as manage them from one interface.
No need to manually copy and import into the individual campaigns. Save time adding in negatives, making bid adjustments, and automating bid strategies to all your search campaigns and allow yourself to focus on more strategic changes.
DoubleClick is also perfect for large international campaigns which use many different engines thanks to the multi-platform dashboard. It compiles all your information in one place so you save time, and avoid user error when comparing data.

2 – Realtime executive reporting

This is a positive for both marketers and clients. These automated reports can be sent out with a frequency you decide which will save agencies massive amounts of time. You can design them to be as detailed as you want them to be and can even provide cross-engine reports. No more Excel nightmares trying to compile Bing & Google data. It’s also easy to change and adapt the information in these reports at any time.

Executive reports update automatically, analysing the data from all search engines linked to DS. With this real-time reporting, both the marketer and the client can stay up to date with what’s going on whenever they choose

They are easy to build, intuitive, and you can also import data from an external source to include in your reports if needed. They are also very visual and easy for clients to understand and digest the data. PPC is all about numbers and it’s easy to forget that it might not speak to everyone the way it speaks to the professionals. Appealing and simple reporting is completely invaluable to a client.

This is the sort of data you can expect to see:


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3 – Automated bidding strategies and rules

DoubleClick Search uses some of the best learning algorithms to help automatically make bid changes based on who they think is most likely going to convert. By using customisable “bid strategies”, DoubleClick Search can change bids across 10,000 keywords, multiple times a day, something a human at a desk could never do!

Some of the many types of bids strategies you can implement by collecting your keywords into a specific group based on their performance include keyword positional strategy, conversion strategy, and more advanced big strategies that you want to meet a multitude of different criteria. The opportunities are literally endless.

For example, if you want some of your best-performing keywords to always have a high position, you can put them into a new specific group and set a rule to make automatic bid adjustments, ensuring these keywords always rank between 1.2 and 1.6.

These automations can be performed across search engines if you’re going for a global strategy or for each search engine if you want to give a more granular approach a go. 

4 – Ad copy testing function

Thanks to the experiment tool available in Doubleclick Search, A/B ad testing is extremely quick and easy. You can house all current live ad copy testing across multiple engines, all in one place! You can even set start and end dates for your ad copy tests. You can test headlines, click through rates, and a whole range of different things and at the same time report on these numbers within the DoubleClick platform. Any outside contributing factor that may impact the results is being taken into account by DoubleClick, which starts these tests on a one-to-one ratio so ads are getting the same type of visibility.
The data collected through these tests is very clear to analyze and understand, allowing users to think more about the strategic changes to make without losing time analyzing the performance of each ad across all accounts. This feature will save marketers time and save clients’ money.

5 – Labels

Labels are a great way to note changes and keep track of your account performance. They help keep every layer of an account organized, it allows you to highlight potential problems you want to come back to, areas where you’re testing, organize your ad copy as well as set rules based on labels. You can also keep track of when budgets were updated and look back at it later on.

Label inheritance feature allows you to label a campaign and DoubleClick will apply this label to ad groups and keywords within. Making a good use of this labelling feature is essential to help optimize, manage and report on your accounts more efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

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