How to be a professional Youtube video maker

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How to be a professional Youtube video maker

YouTube is one of the best ways to market yourself or your business. People of all ages and industries visit YouTube on a daily basis. It receives over 100 million video views each day, so it has a massive audience – one that you can potentially get in-front of. Not only is YouTube one of the best ways to market you or your business, it also relatively cheap. If you manage to become a successful YouTube vlogger then it will be a great way to drive traffic to your website/generate leads

10 Steps to get started on Youtube as a professional video maker:

1. Choose your niche
What type of videos will you make? Decide what you are passionate & knowledgeable about. Make sure you choose something that you will be motivated to make videos for months & years to come. If you’re bored making your video, then the viewers certainly will be.

2. Create a YouTube username & domain name
The right name will help you build a brand. Have a name that is catchy, memorable and relevant to your topic – and make sure you have a web address (domain name) that matches it. You will want to drive traffic to your website, so make sure the Youtube username matches or at the very least is similar, otherwise you will look unprofessional.

3. Consistently upload videos
Plan your videos. Decide on their topics and when you will film them. Come up with a film schedule and stick to it e.g. upload a video once a week or twice a week, etc. You need to regularly feed your audience with new videos otherwise they will lose interest in you. If you want to grow a loyal following then deliver the content. Create a storyboard or script if you feels this helps.

4. Good lighting, audio & picture quality
The better your video looks, the professional you will come across. It is worth investing in a good camera, but the good news is it’s becoming cheaper every year to get a quality HD camera. If you have an iPhone 5 then odds then you’re off to a good start. Natural lighting is best, but if you live in a cloudy country or can only film at night, then but some lights – they will make a big difference.

5. Get a good microphone
Having high-quality, crystal clear audio is absolutely essential of you want better videos. Don’t underestimate the importance of audio. Its recommend you invest in a quality microphone as the inbuilt microphones with most cameras have often have pretty low-quality audio.

6. Add music to your videos
Think about, films uses music to Influence the emotions of the audience – it tells them when to feel sad or happy, etc. For example, you could use a subtle background track to carry the subject along and give it more energy, and importantly keep the viewer more engaged. Keep in mind that people will have come to the video to hear you, so lower the volume of the music so people can hear you lound & clear. Just make sure the music you add is either copyright free or royalty free.

7. Get good at editing your videos
Take your time and learn how to edit your video. Study how other videos are shot – when do they make jump cuts. How do they transition from one scene to the next? A well edit video can help keep people attention focused.

8. Titles & Thumbnails
This something many vloggers forget to spend time on. But all successful youtubers create thumbnails & video titles that are of a high quality. They are an advert for your video – they will be the first thing people see and its all they have when deciding whether or not to click and watch your video. There’s a lot of competition out there, so make the most of every opportunity. Have an interesting title, but make sure it relates to your video content. Likewise, make sure your thumbnail is eye-catching – you can customise it in YouTube or your editing software e.g. pic a freeze-frame from your video or add some cool text & effects over your thumbnail – again make sure it relates to your is a handy tool to create thumbnails.

9. Advertise/Promote your channel
When you upload a video make sure you tell as many people as possible – spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, your blog, embed the video on your website, etc. The more people know about your video, the more views it will get.

10. Become involved in your niche Youtube community
Comment on other youtuber videos, collaborate with other vloggers, keep an eye on what’s popular. Leave your feedback and eventually people will start to recognise your name and come on over and visit your channel. Always be nice….

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