The best tatics to market by emailing effectively

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The best tatics to market by emailing effectively

Building email lists for small businesses is an inexpensive but effective strategy to grow your business. Here are eight ways that you can build email lists to grow your small business.

1. Create compelling content

Why would anyone want to give you their email address, especially in a time when inboxes are bombarded with tens of hundreds of emails daily?

People only give away their email addresses when they believe you add value to their life. And one of the greatest ways to add value to anyone’s life is to give them content that resonates.

Think about it, have you not signed up for newsletters from publications like The Washington Post, Forbes, or maybe Medium?

newsletter example

We do this because we value the news these outlets provide, and we want to stay informed.

Similarly, if you want to build your email list, you have to create content that people care about, content that makes their life easier, provides solutions, and even entertains.

The first step in creating compelling content is having a clear picture of who you’re writing for. For example, if your business revolves around selling digital design solutions, you have to know what sort of people want design solutions, are they college students or small businesses? Do they want a quick fix or are they looking for permanent solutions? Where do they live? What sort of income do they have?

Asking such questions lets you create buyer personas: an ideal fictional person who represents your target customer. And when you have that image in mind, you can design content which is suited to their lifestyle and their problems.

Now when you know who you’re writing for, you should create content that caters to their lifestyle, interests, and problems.

You’ve basically set-up a basic funnel where the top of funnel journey starts when a visitor reads your compelling content. Those who fall in your target audience bracket will naturally relate with your content, taking them down the funnel, and increasing the chances of people subscribing to your mailing list.

2. Run a promotion or contest

Again, getting email addresses is all about providing value and offering incentives. One of the easiest and most straightforward ways of incentivizing people to share their email addresses is to run a contest. People love winning, especially when all you need to stand a chance to win is share an email address.

There are a lot of formats you can use to hold a contest:

  • A photo contest where people share their best travel/food/pet/selfie photo.
  • A video contest where people share funny fails/their best skating tricks/a song cover etc.
  • A contest where people share their favorite poem, a short story, or a funny anecdote.
  • A sweepstakes format where people just have to enter email addresses to participate.

Once you’ve settled on the format, you need to decide what prizes you’ll give out.

example of Instagram giveaway

Cash giveaways are an obvious option, but you will benefit more from setting up a contest that directly relates to your business. That way, if a participant is interested in the prize, they’re likely to be an ideal customer.

If you know your target audience, you can set up the prize in a manner will be most appealing only for that segment. For example, if your business sells eco-friendly sneakers, the obvious option would be to give away a pair of the latest sneakers from your line of products. A cheaper and still relevant prize could be recycled coffee mugs, handcrafted jewelry, or organic cotton activewear.

3. Provide lead magnets

Lead magnets are, as you can guess from the name, offers that you give to potential customers in exchange for personal information like email addresses. Lead magnets are a good way of raising awareness and connecting with prospective customers who haven’t heard of your brand.

Prize giveaways, mentioned in the previous section, are one example that fall under the umbrella of lead magnets. Here are a few other examples of lead magnets:

  • Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • Cheat sheets
  • Product samples
  • Discount coupons
  • Templates
  • Free trials
  • Case studies
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Premium content
lead magnet example

While creating lead magnets, there are couple things you should keep in mind to design an effective lead magnet:

1. Most people end up signing up for lead magnets when they are looking for a quick answer to some problem they have. Make sure that as soon they give you their email address, you send them an email with the promised content or an email that confirms that what you committed is on its way.

2. Your lead magnet should be perceived as highly valuable or people will hesitate to provide their email addresses. Make sure the copy surrounding the lead magnet is sharp and it succinctly explains the promised value.

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How to use email to get customers

While you might want to get as much information across in one email campaign as possible, resist the temptation to include multiple goals in a single campaign. Multiple, disconnected CTAs in a single email will not only confuse your subscribers, but also make analyzing the success of your campaign more difficult.

Automate Your Emails

Now that you know what you want to achieve with your email campaign, how do you plan on getting it out to all your subscribers?

As an e-commerce business owner, you are busy enough. You don’t need the added stress of figuring out how to send out hundreds, possibly thousands of emails. This is where a professional email service becomes your best friend.

Email service providers such as Mailchimp and AWeber make email automation a breeze, no matter the size of your subscriber list. There are dozens of efficient, reputable email providers out there. Take your time and research to see which one offers you the best in terms of available services, fees and customer support before you commit.

Choose a Template

Think email templates are boring? Think again!

Sure, your email template needs to include basic information like the name of your business, contact info and a CTA, but that doesn’t equal boring. As an ecommerce business, you depend on imagery to sell your product or service. Keep this in mind as you are choosing an email template. Make sure there is plenty of available space to for high quality images.

hey chickadee email

Their newsletter features high quality photographs of their items being worn or as part of artistic vignettes. 

Get Personal

Modern technology makes it possible to personalize emails in a way that goes beyond addressing the recipient by name. There are multiple ways of personalizing your ecommerce emails that will inspire people to react and engage.

How about tailoring your emails for these specific niches?

  • New customers via a welcome message
  • Birthday month messages
  • Based on buying habits
  • Special events, such as back to school, holidays, tax return season
  • Thank you messages post purchase

Create Original, Engaging Content

Every time you send a message to your existing or prospective clients, your content should be original and engaging. Redundant copy will only encourage readers to click “unsubscribe”.

Plus, boring and repetitive content speaks poorly for your brand image in general. If you can’t create lively, engaging content for your emails, why should potential customers believe that the products or services the you offer are any better? This is your chance to build your image with your subscribers.

Be Concise

Just as your content should always be original and engaging, it should also be concise. Consumers have an increasingly shorter attention span so it’s vital that you say want to communicate as succinctly as possible. If you can say it five words instead of eight, do it.

Content creation can be tricky. If you’re worried about your ability to create material that’s compelling, unique and concise, consider hiring an experienced copywriter.

Optimize for Mobile

If your emails aren’t optimized for easy viewing on mobile devices, stop what you are doing and fix it now.

have a smartphone, and depending on your market, that number will go up. Especially if you are targeting millennials. This means that there is a really good chance that your email will be opened on a mobile device. What will your subscribers get when they open it?

Emails that have been optimized for mobile should include:

  • Short subject lines
  • Highly visual content
  • Short, scrollable content
  • Well designed CTA buttons
  • A link to your mobile optimized web page.

 In the example above, they promote their VIP Club with links to their website in an email campaign. 

Use Images and Video

People are visual creatures by nature. You can take advantage of this by incorporating images and videos into your email content to make more of an impact on your subscribers, which is especially important for e-commerce businesses.

Even if you decide to go the text only route with your email, you can still include links to product images or relevant video content in your message.

Create Compelling Subject Lines

What inspires you to open an email? If it’s not the name of the person who sent it, it’s probably what’s in the subject line. Like you, many consumers read an email’s subject line and then decide whether or not they’re going to open it.

Your subject line should communicate the immediate value of opening your email. Here are a few topic ideas for great e-commerce subject lines:

  • Discounts and Specials: Highlight the value you are offering
  • Last Chance Deals: Last chance to stock up on a favorite? Let them know in the subject line.
  • Solutions: Does your product or service offer a solution to a problem or need of your target audience?
  • Highlights: Are you featuring a top name in your current collection? Place their name in the subject line.
  • New Arrivals: Has a long-anticipated product or service arrived?
  • Referrals: Highlight a referral initiative in the subject line.
  • Personalize: Including a personal element such as a name or a birthday greeting will increase your open rate.

Make Signing Up Easy

Don’t limit your list of subscribers to people who’ve made purchases from your store in the past. Make it easy for prospective shoppers to sign up for your emails by adding a signup form to your website’s homepage. If you have an active blog and social media pages, make sure to add webforms to each of those platforms as well.

Segment Your Email List

While your email list contains information that can be vital to your success, you can increase the value your list has for your business by segmenting it. By creating specific groups of targeted shoppers, you’ll be better able to send content that is relevant and meaningful to each group.

You can segment your list in accordance with several factors, such as what people have done when they’ve visited your website, their shopping preferences and personal traits, just to name a few.

Prepare Sequences

Ecommerce retailers will find success by sending a sequence of individual emails, each one designed to move the consumer one step further along in the buying process. Two of the most important email sequences you need to be optimizing are your welcome and abandoned cart series.

Your welcome series should include a sequence of messages that warm the subscriber to your brand. You can accomplish this by highlighting your brand reputation, service quality and value.

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