What is Google RankBrain and How Does it Work?

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What is Google RankBrain and How Does it Work?

RankBrain, artificial intelligence (AI) program is used to help process Google search queries. It is designed as a machine learning system so that it can embed vast amounts of written language into mathematical entities (vectors) that the computer can understand.

RankBrain is unique because, when it sees an unfamiliar word or phrase it uses AI to instantly search terms that have a similar meaning that a user has typed. Next, it filters the result accordingly.


Google has taken this exceptional initiative to give its users only the most useful results for their search queries. Google’s goal is to offer the searchers the most appropriate and relevant content. According to Google, RankBrain offers different results in different countries for the same query.  This is because the measurements in each state are different, despite the similar names.

Does Google RankBrain Work?

Is the AI doing a good job? So far, it seems like it. After all, Google promoted it from merely processing parts of the unknown key phrases to using it for all search queries.

And why wouldn’t they? After all, RankBrain appears to be doing a better job at improving search results than the Google engineers themselves. In fact, when it was pitted against a number of engineers to find the best page for a search query, the AI outperformed the humans by 10 percent.


Quite impressive, isn’t it?

The cool thing about RankBrain is that, in contrast to global changes to the search algorithm, it can improve search results on a per-keyword basis. This makes the SERPs more precise than before and allows for more granular improvements.

Also, ironically, even though RankBrain is a machine learning algorithm, it actually increases the influence of human users on search results. That’s because the AI can use direct feedback from how users interact with your content to judge its quality. For that reason, you need to focus less on pleasing the machines (read algorithm) and more on actually swaying people to click on your stuff.

RankBrain is a machine that learns the artificial intelligence system, transforming letters and numbers into a mathematical algorithm. While this is a technical definition for RankBrain, Google uses this algorithm to improve its search results. With RankBrain, Google learns what users want, what they’re looking for, and plans to deliver better results to users. Search location, keywords entered, etc. By taking into account the variables, Google aims to learn exactly what the user is looking for and how they try to reach a conclusion.

The RankBrain algorithm is considered the third most important factor that evaluates which results should be shown in any search based on Google sources. RankBrain also affects less than 25 per cent of searches worldwide.

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