Earning money from your website with the amazing ways

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Earning money from your website with the amazing ways

You hear about bloggers who learned how to start a blog and now make money while they sleep — bloggers who take epic vacations or spend all their time with their families, and at the end of each month, they still have money coming in.

Check out these 4 totally legitimate ways to make passive income from your website.

Ship Physical Products (Without the Inventory Headaches)

When you think of selling physical products on your blog, it might seem like a nightmare. You imagine yourself in your living room, surrounded by products and empty boxes, with dozens of printed-out orders in hand, and you’re trying to make sure everybody gets exactly what they ordered.

But these days, you can sell products without needing to store, package, and send them yourself. You can use dropshipping companies that do it for you.

Dropshipping is a method of ecommerce that lets you transmit orders directly to the supplier. The supplier will then take care of the packaging and ship the product directly to the customer.

You don’t have to lift a finger, your spare bedroom doesn’t have to turn into a stockroom, and the USPS guy won’t come knocking on your door every day.

Benny Hsu from Get Busy Living sells his own t-shirts through one of these companies:


Benny uses Teespring, a shirt and apparel dropshipping and manufacturing company that allows you to design your own products and sell them via its platform.

He earned $100,000 in five months through selling t-shirts. He tested several designs and after he found which ones sold well, he could sit back and watch the sales come in.

Offering a physical product on your blog doesn’t have to mean constant inventory management. It can mean dropshipping and selling your products passively for years to come.

Promote Other People’s Products and Earn Steady Commissions

You probably use several products related to your blog niche, right?

I might even guess that you love some of those products. If you nodded yes, then you can probably reap the benefits of this “holy grail” of passive blogging income: affiliate marketing.

Leanne Vogel, a nutrition educator and the blogger behind the keto blog Healthful Pursuit, uses many supplements in her own diet. So when she’s writing blog posts or recording podcast episodes, mentioning those products is natural.

When one of her audience members buys from her referral link, she makes an affiliate commission. And that, my friends, is “passive income”: referring your audience to products you know and love and getting paid for it, too.

Leanne gets a commission for referring sales to Perfect Keto, and her audience finds out about a product that she loves and uses. It’s a win-win.

Sell Resources and Templates You Created for Personal Use

Sherry, the Canadian blogger behind the blog Save Spend Splurge, found herself in $60,000 worth of debt after college.

This is a predicament shared by many millennials today. But instead of paying her debt back slowly with minimum payments, Sherry created a budgeting template in Excel that helped her get that entire debt load off of her back just 18 months later.

After starting her personal finance blog, Sherry realized something. If her Excel template was powerful enough to clear her debt in 18 months, it could help her readers too.

So she called it “the Budgeting Tool” and listed it for sale on her blog for $50:

The Budgeting Tool

She then made it easy to find by adding a link in her top menu and sidebar:

link to resources from top menu
link to resources from sidebar

You may have created some resources for your personal use that would be useful for your readers, too. In fact, maybe you’ve created a resource that they’d be happy to pay for.

For example, if you blog about weddings and you’ve created your own invitations, you can sell them as printables. If you blog about graphic design, you have probably created Photoshop templates that you could sell. Or if you’re a travel blogger, you could sell bag-packing checklists or trip-planning worksheets.

Whatever niche you’re in, chances are there’s plenty of opportunity for selling such resources and templates.

Become Your Own Book Publisher

Given that you’re a blogger, I assume you love writing. So publishing an ebook is a perfect way to generate passive income. It offers a way to get recurring payments for the powerful words you write down.

This is what Tracy Gillett does on her blog, Raised Good:

publish your own books

She sells The Lost Art of Natural Parenting for $17. She’s set up a sales page on her blog, and also sells it to her subscribers through an email autoresponder series, allowing her to sell her ebook on autopilot:

publish your own books - 2

The beauty of publishing ebooks is that you can offer them to your readers as a digital download, wiping your hands clean of having to handle and ship a physical book. Once you write it, it can truly be passive.

Having written the 129-page ebook in 2016, Tracy can now earn money from selling it for years to come, no matter whether she’s traveling, working in her day job, exploring, or spending time with her son.

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How to make money blogging easily

There are thousands of people which are making money with blogging.So let us start our topic.first of all, we need a blog with the quality contents and some traffic on it.

To make a blog is very simple these days.Everyone can make a blog with the help of wordpress.there are many websites which offer free blogging.


We have talked about affiliate marketing many times in our articles.Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways from our list of 16 best ways to make money online blogging.

You have to recommend your visitor those products or services.If the visitor will buy that product through your affiliate link you will get some commission on that sell.There are many companies which offer an affiliate program.

You can join one of them.you should join that affiliate program which offers those products or services which are according to your niche.

You have to do some research about the interests of your readers.amazon.com, ShareASale, and commission junction is some of the best options to be affiliated with.


If you are a businessman you can use your blog to market your product or service to more people.You can get more buyers for your brands by advertising your own brand on your blog.


If you a blogger, then you can make money with freelancing.You can offer your skills and expertizes as a freelancer.You can make money by offering your services to your audience on some amount of money.

If you have a good number of regular basis visitors then you can make thousands of dollars by this way.


Google AdSense is a good option but it is limited.You have to follow the rules and regulations of google otherwise your account will be banned.And also each ad click earning will vary.

But selling your blog space for banner ads is more comfortable and profitable.Here you do not need any intermediate.You can negotiate terms and price for ad space.

Most bloggers charge a flat rate instead. Charging a flat rate is easier than keeping track of views or clicks.


If you are a writer then you can create an ebook easily and make a PDF file of that book and sell it to your audience.You can create an ebook about any topic.

If you are a blogger then you can create an ebook of your old blogs, if you are a doctor you can create ebook related to your job.There are many people which are making thousands of dollars by simply creating ebooks and selling them.


I am receiving hundreds of emails for buying online paid courses about SEO, blogging, how to increase traffic to your site? etc.If you are a famous personality in your business or niche.you can create lessons about your niche and can sell them on the high price.

For example, there are many new bloggers which want to stable their websites and for that reason, they pay money for online courses.So if you are expert in your field then make some lessons and sell them on your blog.


Every blogger knows about Google Adsense.Adsense is a program of Google which offers publisher ads to show on their blogs or websites.You can make huge amount with Google Adsense.When any visitor will visit your blog you will be paid.


Some bloggers do not like banner ads on their blogs.Readers are also not interested in banner ads so to sponsor a post is a good option for bloggers to make money from.

You just have to represent the brand and have to talk about the products and services of sponsored brands.basically, you have to promote the products and services of sponsors just like TV and other social media are doing.


If you are a famous blogger and you have a huge follower of readers.You can create a paid member contents for those members which want to read your blogs or watch videos listen to audios etc.

You must create a masterpiece contents for your members because they are paying to read your blogs.If your blog will not satisfy them they will leave your blog.

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Good ways to make money with blog

  1. Setup your blog

Before getting into the technical part of setting up a blog, first you would need to figure out a topic you would want to focus on your blog, such as health, travel, food, etc. This would help to determine the domain name of your blog and make it easier for your visitors/followers to remember your blog domain name/URL.

Once you’ve picked and registered a domain name, you need to get a web hosting service for your blog. Exabytes provides cheap and reliable hosting plans that are perfect to kick start your blog.

write blog articles

  1. Start writing useful content

There is a saying, Content is King. Good content is what makes your blog valuable, giving you the power to attract traffic/followers to your blog. What defines good and useful content? Content that adds value to your visitors; content that lets your visitors (who know nothing about the content you share) gain a certain level of knowledge are good content. Bear in mind that producing good content is not limited to writing articles, it can also be infographics, podcasts or videos. The format of your content largely depends on your blog’s topic (ask yourself: what is the best way to present your blog content?).

traffic visitors

  1. Start finding visitors/followers

Having great content is only halfway to success, you need to have visitors/followers that are willing to view your valuable content in order for your blog to work. Start promoting your blog to the relevant audience, be on it social media or using SEO. You need to find out the best way to reach your audience. If your blog content is video or graphic based, it is recommended to promote them using social media.

Now let’s talk about how to make money blogging.

earn money using blog

  1. Start making money

Now that you have your blog and traffic planned out, the real question is how to make money from your blog. One of the greatest and most well known ways is to become an affiliate

Affiliate Program

As an affiliate marketer, you promote someone else’s products or services to your visitors. Your blog is linked to the product or service page using an unique affiliate link that you put on your blog (often presented in the form of digital banners). When someone clicks through that link and makes a purchase (or completes a desired action set by the company), you earn a commission. You can promote your affiliate link or affiliate banners alongside your blog content or on your website.Your audience who click on your affiliate link and make a purchase do not get charged extra. In other words, the commission you earn does not come from your audience. It is the company you work with as an affiliate marketer that pays your the commission. There are a lot of affiliate programs out there that will pay you good commissions for every successful signup.  When your referred customers renew their plans, you will still be paid a commission.

Advertising banners

Your website layout and design should be your main concern for your audience as it is the medium for you to connect with them. In addition, websites that loads faster and easy to navigate tend to have repeat audience. If you would like to earn a decent income from your website layout, putting advertising banners on your website is one of the best ways to earn blog income. Approach affiliate program companies or others who have offerings related to the nature of your blog content, and get them to advertise on your blog. Put up their company advertisements and collect advertising fees.

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